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This lab has been founded in 1999 as called Device Simulation Lab. In past, due to the large scale of semiconductor devices, hydrodynamic equations govern the behavior of electrons. Nowadays, as semiconductor devices shrink to  subnanometric dimensions, electrons' behavior is governed by quantum transport equations. Accordingly, in early 2016s, it is decided to rename this laboratory to Quantum Nanoelectronics Research Laboratory (QNRL).
This lab has been supervised by Prof. Rahim Faez. As this lab is located in the department of electrical engineering, the most members of the research groups are graduate students of electrical engineering with major of semiconductor electronic devices of Sharif University of Technology and the other universities.
As the following mentioned research fields have great overlap with condensed matter physics and optics in the physics department, material science, some research areas in the chemistry department and nano sciences, and their results can be useful for those departments and research institutes, the research works have been done in the lab have a multidisciplinary approach.
The lab is equipped with two powerful computational work stations and several personal computers. In addition, this lab is a suitable place for research and study.